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AutofacAttributeExtensions Methods

The AutofacAttributeExtensions type exposes the following members.

Public methodStatic memberWithAttributedMetadataTMetadata(IRegistrationBuilderObject, ScanningActivatorData, DynamicRegistrationStyle)
This method can be invoked with the assembly scanner to register strongly typed metadata attributes. The attributes are scanned for one that is derived from the metadata interface. If one is found, the metadata contents are extracted and registered with the instance registration.
Public methodStatic memberWithAttributedMetadataTLimit, TScanningActivatorData, TRegistrationStyle(IRegistrationBuilderTLimit, TScanningActivatorData, TRegistrationStyle)
This method can be invoked with the assembly scanner to register metadata that is declared loosely using attributes marked with the MetadataAttributeAttribute. All of the marked attributes are used together to create a common set of dictionary values that constitute the metadata on the type.
Public methodStatic memberWithAttributeFilterTLimit, TReflectionActivatorData, TRegistrationStyle Obsolete.
Applies attribute-based filtering on constructor dependencies for use with attributes derived from the ParameterFilterAttribute.
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