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IRegistrationBuilderTLimit, TActivatorData, TRegistrationStyleOnPreparing Method (FuncPreparingEventArgs, ValueTask)

Add an async handler for the Preparing event. This event allows manipulating of the parameters that will be provided to the component.

Namespace:  Autofac.Builder
Assembly:  Autofac (in Autofac.dll) Version: 6.0.0+39696a967e8826f7f1ebc8c1ff4523c9dd75abe0
IRegistrationBuilder<TLimit, TActivatorData, TRegistrationStyle> OnPreparing(
	Func<PreparingEventArgs, ValueTask> handler


Type: SystemFuncPreparingEventArgs, ValueTask
An event handler; the resolve process will not continue until the returned task completes.

Return Value

Type: IRegistrationBuilderTLimit, TActivatorData, TRegistrationStyle
A registration builder allowing further configuration of the component.
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