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Autofac.Builder Namespace

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Public classConcreteReflectionActivatorData
Reflection activator data for concrete types.
Public classDeferredCallback
Reference object allowing location and update of a registration callback.
Public classDynamicRegistrationStyle
Registration style for dynamic registrations.
Public classMetadataConfigurationTMetadata
Used with the WithMetadata configuration method to associate key-value pairs with an IComponentRegistration.
Public classReflectionActivatorData
Builder for reflection-based activators.
Public classCode exampleRegistrationBuilder
Static factory methods to simplify the creation and handling of IRegistrationBuilder{L,A,R}.
Public classRegistrationData
Data common to all registrations made in the container, both direct (IComponentRegistration) and dynamic (IRegistrationSource).
Public classRegistrationExtensions
Adds registration syntax for less commonly-used features.
Public classSimpleActivatorData
An activator builder with no parameters.
Public classSingleRegistrationStyle
Registration style for individual components.
Public enumerationContainerBuildOptions
Parameterises the construction of a container by a ContainerBuilder.