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Autofac.Builder Namespace

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Public classConcreteReflectionActivatorData
Reflection activator data for concrete types.
Public classDeferredCallback
Reference object allowing location and update of a registration callback.
Public classDynamicRegistrationStyle
Registration style for dynamic registrations.
Public classMetadataConfigurationTMetadata
Used with the WithMetadata configuration method to associate key-value pairs with an IComponentRegistration.
Public classReflectionActivatorData
Builder for reflection-based activators.
Public classCode exampleRegistrationBuilder
Static factory methods to simplify the creation and handling of IRegistrationBuilder{L,A,R}.
Public classRegistrationData
Data common to all registrations made in the container, both direct (IComponentRegistration) and dynamic (IRegistrationSource.)
Public classRegistrationExtensions
Adds registration syntax for less commonly-used features.
Public classSimpleActivatorData
An activator builder with no parameters.
Public classSingleRegistrationStyle
Registration style for individual components.
Public interfaceIConcreteActivatorData
Activator data that can provide an IInstanceActivator instance.
Public interfaceIHideObjectMembers
Hides standard Object members to make fluent interfaces easier to read. Based on blog post by @kzu here:
Public interfaceIRegistrationBuilderTLimit, TActivatorData, TRegistrationStyle
Data structure used to construct registrations.
Public enumerationContainerBuildOptions
Parameterises the construction of a container by a ContainerBuilder.