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Autofac Namespace

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Public classCode exampleContainerBuilder
Used to build an IContainer from component registrations.
Public classCode exampleModule
Base class for user-defined modules. Modules can add a set of related components to a container (Load(ContainerBuilder)) or attach cross-cutting functionality to other components (AttachToComponentRegistration(IComponentRegistry, IComponentRegistration). Modules are given special support in the XML configuration feature - see
Public classModuleRegistrationExtensions
Extension methods for registering IModule instances with a container.
Public classCode exampleNamedParameter
Public classCode exampleParameterExtensions
Extension methods that simplify extraction of parameter values from an IEnumerableT where T is Parameter. Each method returns the first matching parameter value, or throws an exception if none is provided.
Public classCode examplePositionalParameter
A parameter that is identified according to an integer representing its position in an argument list. When applied to a reflection-based component, Position will be matched against the indices of the component's constructor arguments. When applied to a delegate-based component, the parameter can be accessed using PositionalT(IEnumerableParameter, Int32).
Public classRegistrationExtensions
Adds registration syntax to the ContainerBuilder type.
Public classResolutionExtensions
Adds syntactic convenience methods to the IComponentContext interface.
Public classScanningFilterExtensions
Convenience filters for use with assembly scanning registrations.
Public classSourceRegistrationExtensions
Extension methods for registering IRegistrationSource instances with a container.
Public classCode exampleTypedParameter
A parameter that can supply values to sites that exactly match a specified type. When applied to a reflection-based component, Type will be matched against the types of the component's constructor arguments. When applied to a delegate-based component, the parameter can be accessed using TypedAsT(IEnumerableParameter).
Public classTypeExtensions
Public interfaceIComponentContext
The context in which a service can be accessed or a component's dependencies resolved. Disposal of a context will dispose any owned components.
Public interfaceCode exampleIContainer
Creates, wires dependencies and manages lifetime for a set of components. Most instances of IContainer are created by a ContainerBuilder.
Public interfaceCode exampleILifetimeScope
An ILifetimeScope tracks the instantiation of component instances. It defines a boundary in which instances are shared and configured. Disposing an ILifetimeScope will dispose the components that were resolved through it.
Public interfaceIStartable
When implemented by a component, an instance of the component will be resolved and started as soon as the container is built. Autofac will not call the Start() method when subsequent instances are resolved. If this behavior is required, use an OnActivated() event handler instead.
Public enumerationPropertyWiringOptions
Options that can be applied when autowiring properties on a component. (Multiple options can be specified using bitwise 'or' - e.g. AllowCircularDependencies | PreserveSetValues.