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ILifetimeScopeBeginLifetimeScope Method (Object, ActionContainerBuilder)

Begin a new nested scope, with additional components available to it. Component instances created via the new scope will be disposed along with it.

Namespace:  Autofac
Assembly:  Autofac (in Autofac.dll) Version: 4.9.1+831973f4d02fbc619921dfaa8ac0c536f60ae7a3
ILifetimeScope BeginLifetimeScope(
	Object tag,
	Action<ContainerBuilder> configurationAction


Type: SystemObject
The tag applied to the ILifetimeScope.
Type: SystemActionContainerBuilder
Action on a ContainerBuilder that adds component registrations visible only in the new scope.

Return Value

Type: ILifetimeScope
A new lifetime scope.
The components registered in the sub-scope will be treated as though they were registered in the root scope, i.e., SingleInstance() components will live as long as the root scope.
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