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Autofac.Integration.Mvc Namespace

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Public classAutofacDependencyResolver
Autofac implementation of the IDependencyResolver interface.
Public classAutofacFilterProvider
Defines a filter provider for filter attributes that performs property injection.
Public classAutofacModelBinderProvider
Autofac implementation of the IModelBinderProvider interface.
Public classAutofacWebTypesModule
Dependency injection module that registers abstractions for common web application properties.
Public classExtensibleActionInvoker
Injects services from the container into the ASP.NET MVC invocation pipeline. This is a Async Controller Action Invoker which can be used for both async and non-async scenarios.
Public classModelBinderTypeAttribute
Indicates what types a model binder supports.
Public classRegistrationExtensions
Extends ContainerBuilder with methods to support ASP.NET MVC.
Public classRequestLifetimeScopeProvider
Creates and disposes HTTP request based lifetime scopes.
Public classViewRegistrationSource
A registration source for building view registrations.
Public interfaceILifetimeScopeProvider
Implementors are able to control the creation of nested lifetime scopes.