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Autofac.Core Namespace

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Public classActivatedEventArgsT
Fired when the activation process for a new instance is complete.
Public classActivatingEventArgsT
Fired after the construction of an instance but before that instance is shared with any other or any members are invoked on it.
Public classComponentRegisteredEventArgs
Information about the ocurrence of a component being registered with a container.
Public classComponentRegistrationExtensions
Extension methods for IComponentRegistration.
Public classConstantParameter
Base class for parameters that provide a constant value.
Public classContainer
Standard container implementation.
Public classDefaultPropertySelector
Provides default property selector that applies appropriate filters to ensure only public settable properties are selected (including filtering for value types and indexed properties).
Public classDelegatePropertySelector
Provides a property selector that applies a filter defined by a delegate.
Public classDependencyResolutionException
Base exception type thrown whenever the dependency resolution process fails. This is a fatal exception, as Autofac is unable to 'roll back' changes to components that may have already been made during the operation. For example, 'on activated' handlers may have already been fired, or 'single instance' components partially constructed.
Public classImplicitRegistrationSource
Public classKeyedService
Identifies a service using a key in addition to its type.
Public classNamedPropertyParameter
A property identified by name. When applied to a reflection-based component, the name will be matched against property names.
Public classParameter
Used in order to provide a value to a constructor parameter or property on an instance being created by the container.
Public classPreparingEventArgs
Fired before the activation process to allow parameters to be changed or an alternative instance to be provided.
Public classRegistrationSourceAddedEventArgs
Fired when an IRegistrationSource is added to the registry.
Public classResolvedParameter
Flexible parameter type allows arbitrary values to be retrieved from the resolution context.
Public classService
Services are the lookup keys used to locate component instances.
Public classTypedService
Identifies a service according to a type to which it can be assigned.
Public classUniqueService
A handy unique service identifier type - all instances will be regarded as unequal.
Public structureServiceRegistration
Defines a combination of a service pipeline and a registration. Used to instantiate a ResolveRequest.
Public interfaceIActivatedEventArgsT
Fired when the activation process for a new instance is complete.
Public interfaceIActivatingEventArgsT
Fired after the construction of an instance but before that instance is shared with any other or any members are invoked on it.
Public interfaceIComponentLifetime
Locates the lifetime to which instances of a component should be attached.
Public interfaceIComponentRegistration
Describes a logical component within the container.
Public interfaceIComponentRegistry
Provides component registrations according to the services they provide.
Public interfaceIComponentRegistryServices
Defines an interface for accessing the set of services available during pipeline build time.
Public interfaceIDisposer
Provided on an object that will dispose of other objects when it is itself disposed.
Public interfaceIInstanceActivator
Activates component instances.
Public interfaceIModule
Represents a set of components and related functionality packaged together.
Public interfaceIPropertySelector
Finds suitable properties to inject.
Public interfaceIRegistrationSource
Allows registrations to be made on-the-fly when unregistered services are requested (lazy registrations.)
Public interfaceIServiceWithType
Interface supported by services that carry type information.
Public interfaceISharingLifetimeScope
Defines a nested structure of lifetimes.
Public enumerationInstanceOwnership
Determines when instances supporting IDisposable are disposed.
Public enumerationInstanceSharing
Determines whether instances are shared within a lifetime scope.