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ResolveRequestContext Properties

The ResolveRequestContext type exposes the following members.

Public propertyActivationScope
Gets or sets the lifetime scope that will be used for the activation of any components later in the pipeline. Avoid resolving instances directly from this scope; they will not be traced as part of the same operation.
Public propertyComponentRegistry
Gets the associated services with the components that provide them.
Public propertyDecoratorContext
Gets or sets the active decorator context for the request.
Public propertyDecoratorTarget
Gets the target registration for decorator requests.
Public propertyDiagnosticSource
Gets the DiagnosticListener to which trace events should be written.
Public propertyInstance
Gets or sets the instance that will be returned as the result of the resolve request. On the way back up the pipeline, after calling next(ctxt), this value will be populated with the resolved instance. Check the NewInstanceActivated property to determine whether the object here was a newly activated instance, or a shared instance previously activated.
Public propertyNewInstanceActivated
Gets a value indicating whether the resolved Instance is a new instance of a component has been activated during this request, or an existing shared instance that has been retrieved.
Public propertyOperation
Gets a reference to the owning resolve operation (which might emcompass multiple nested requests).
Public propertyParameters
Public propertyPhaseReached
Gets or sets the phase of the pipeline reached by this request.
Public propertyRegistration
Gets the component registration that is being resolved in the current request.
Public propertyService
Gets the service that is being resolved in the current request.
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