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Autofac.Integration.Web Namespace

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Public classContainerDisposalModule
HTTP Module that disposes of Autofac-created components when processing for a request completes.
Public classContainerProvider
Provides application-wide and per-request containers.
Public classContainerProviderContainer
Provides an implementation of IContainer which uses the configured IContainerProvider to route calls to the current request container.
Public classRegistrationExtensions
Extends registration syntax for common web scenarios.
Public classWebLifetime
Constants used to tag liftime scopes within standard Autofac web applications.
Public interfaceIContainerProvider
Provides global and per-request Autofac containers in an ASP.NET application.
Public interfaceIContainerProviderAccessor
Implemented on a type (i.e. HttpApplication) that maintains a container provider for injecting dependencies into web requests.