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ComponentRegistration Properties

The ComponentRegistration type exposes the following members.

Public propertyActivator
Gets the activator for the registration.
Public propertyId
Gets a unique identifier for this component (shared in all sub-contexts.) This value also appears in Services.
Protected propertyIsDisposed
Gets a value indicating whether the current instance has been disposed.
(Inherited from Disposable.)
Public propertyLifetime
Gets the lifetime associated with the component.
Public propertyMetadata
Gets additional data associated with the component.
Public propertyOptions
Gets the options for the registration.
Public propertyOwnership
Gets information about whether the instances of the component should be disposed by the container.
Public propertyResolvePipeline
Gets the resolve pipeline for the component.
Public propertyServices
Gets the services provided by the component.
Public propertySharing
Gets information about whether the component instances are shared or not.
Public propertyTarget
Gets the component registration upon which this registration is based. If this registration was created directly by the user, returns this.
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