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Autofac.Integration.Wcf Namespace

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Public classAutofacDependencyInjectionServiceBehavior
Sets the instance provider to an AutofacInstanceProvider.
Public classAutofacHostFactory
Creates service host instances for WCF.
Public classAutofacInstanceContext
Manages instance lifecycle using an Autofac inner container.
Public classAutofacInstanceProvider
Retrieves service instances from an Autofac container.
Public classAutofacServiceHostFactory
Creates ServiceHost instances for WCF.
Public classAutofacWebServiceHostFactory
Creates ServiceHost instances for WCF.
Public classDefaultServiceImplementationDataProvider
Simple resolver for WCF service implementations. Allows for single-tenant handling of named or typed services.
Public classRegistrationExtensions
Extend the registration syntax with WCF-specific helpers.
Public classServiceHostExtensions
Adds dependency injection related methods to service hosts.
Public classServiceImplementationData
Contains data about a WCF service implementation.
Public interfaceIPerInstanceContextModuleAccessor
A list of module registrations. This allows for the current OperationContext or WebOperationContext or any item that is static per InstanceContext to be registered and usable throughout the instance context.
Public interfaceIServiceImplementationDataProvider
Defines a strategy for resolving which service type should be used for hosting vs. which type is the actual service implementation.
Public enumerationFeatures
Feature flags.