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Autofac.Core.Activators.Reflection Namespace

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Public classAutowiringParameter
Supplies values based on the target parameter type.
Public classBoundConstructor
Represents the outcome of a single bind attempt by a ConstructorBinder.
Public classConstructorBinder
Provides the functionality to bind a single constructor at resolve time.
Public classDefaultConstructorFinder
Finds constructors that match a finder function.
Public classDefaultValueParameter
Provides parameters that have a default value, set with an optional parameter declaration in C# or VB.
Public classMatchingSignatureConstructorSelector
Selects a constructor based on its signature.
Public classMostParametersConstructorSelector
Selects the constructor with the most parameters.
Public classNoConstructorsFoundException
Exception thrown when no suitable constructors could be found on a type.
Public classReflectionActivator
Uses reflection to activate instances of a type.
Public interfaceIConstructorFinder
Find suitable constructors from which to select.
Public interfaceIConstructorSelector
Selects the best constructor from a set of available constructors.