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Autofac.Multitenant.Wcf.DynamicProxy Namespace

[Missing <summary> documentation for "N:Autofac.Multitenant.Wcf.DynamicProxy"]

Public classCustomAttributeDataExtensions
Extension methods for CustomAttributeData.
Public classIgnoreAttributeInterfaceProxyInstanceContributor
Code generator that ignores type-level non-inherited attributes.
Public classServiceHostInterfaceProxyGenerator
Interface proxy generator that builds a proxy that has a default constructor and does not copy over non-inherited type attributes.
Public classServiceHostProxyBuilder
Proxy builder that has an additional method to create proxies usable in WCF multitenant hosting.
Public classServiceHostProxyGenerator
Proxy generator used in multitenant service hosting.
Public classTypeExtensions
Extension methods for the Type class.