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Autofac.Multitenant.Wcf Namespace

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Public classMultitenantServiceImplementationDataProvider
Service implementation data provider that returns multitenant-aware service hosting information.
Public classOperationContextTenantIdentificationStrategy
An ITenantIdentificationStrategy implementation that gets the tenant ID from a TenantIdentificationContextExtension attached to the current OperationContext.
Public classServiceMetadataTypeAttribute
Specifies the metadata class to associate with a service implementation.
Public classTenantIdentificationContextExtension
Extension for OperationContext that allows propagation of the tenant ID.
Public classCode exampleTenantPropagationBehaviorTTenantId
Behavior for WCF clients and service hosts that is used to propagate tenant ID from client to service.
Public classTenantPropagationMessageInspectorTTenantId
Message inspector that helps in passing the tenant ID from a WCF client to the respective service.